Flute Orchestra

The Flute Orchestra, the first flute choir sponsored by WMFA, is composed of 45+ adult flutists who enjoy the opportunity to explore the flute choir repertoire. Since it’s inception in 1992, the Orchestra has used c flutes, piccolos, alto and bass flutes. In the 2002 – 2003 season, after a very successful fundraising campaign, we were privileged to add our Contrabass Flute to our Flute Family. In 2010 we added a second Contrabass Flute to our organization.

The Orchestra has been joined in the past by several excellent piano accompanists, as well as string and percussion instrumentalists, and has commissioned and performed the world premieres of several exciting new compositions for flute choir. All flutists are welcome to join us!  There is a one time audition for this group.  For more information, contact us!

A full list of WMFA’s commissions is here: David Wells, Tag 1997 Richard Cerchia, Titania’s Dreams, 1999 David Wells, Ballgames, 2000 Catherine McMichael, Legend of Sleeping Bear, 2003 David Wells, Caterpillar, 2004 Darlene Dugan, Reflections on Bonnie Doon, 2005 David Wells, Sicillienne for Cheryl, 2007 Darlene Dugan, Flint Hills Memories 2008 Kelly Via, ‘Cross the Wide Missouri 2008 Matt H. Doran, Variations and Scherzo 2010 Valerie Coleman, Pontchartrain, 2011 Kelly Via, Remembrances, 2011 Ken Kreuzer, Crossroads 2012 Kathleen Mayne, Royal Concerto for Flute Quartet and Flute Orchestra, 2013 Jenni Brandon, America Belongs to Us, 2015 David Wells, Dugie’s Rag, 2016 Under the direction of Founding Music Director Darlene Dugan, the Flute Orchestra has performed at the National Flute Conventions in Chicago, IL, Columbus, OH, Nashville, TN, Kansas City, MO, Charlotte, NC and Washington D.C..

Great Lake Flutes (Chamber Choir)

West Michigan Flute Orchestra’s chamber group consists of 10 -12 of its Flute Orchestra members who have been selected by an annual audition to perform more challenging music. The smaller is also used to perform works that would be unsuitable for the larger orchestra. GLF has also played at the National Flute Association Convention in Atlanta.