Business sponsors receive a business card size advertisement in our concert programs. Our sponsorship letter, application and 501(c)3 description are below.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Allison Langlois at 616-844-7384616-844-7384.

Thank you to our current and former sponsors!

West Michigan Flute Orchestra would like to thank the support and sponsorship from excellent corporations including:

Thank You Member Volunteers!

West Michigan Flute Orchestra is supported by these excellent member volunteers:

  • President – Allison Langlois
  • Vice President – Christina D’Arcangelis
  • Secretary – Lucy Pugh
  • Treasurer – Emily Brown
  • Assistant Treasurer – Aline Snoeyink
  • Director Emeritus – Darlene Dugan
  • Adult Personnel Manager – Kathleen Osborn
  • Member at Large – Jeri Blough
  • Member at Large – Allison Langlois
  • Member at Large – Stephanie Keeler
  • Member at Large – Kathy Simpson

Group Creative Services

  • Jeri Blough & Allison Langlois – Corporate Sponsor Contact
  • Wendy Batchelder – Hospitality Coordinator
  • Vicki Lane-MacConnell – Instrument Librarian
  • Diane Benson – Publicity Coordinator
  • Christine Griffith – Webmaster & Program Coordinator

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We thank our sponsors and composers.